From England:


25 February 2002


Dear Dr Fet:


My belated acknowledgment and sincere thanks for your letter of 12 December 01 and copy of No.1 of this new series addressed to the Library.

The series will prove a most useful addition to our renowned collections and will be made available for scientists and visitors alike.

We look forward to receiving No.2 and future issues when available.

My thanks for your generosity in considering our collection a worthwhile deposit for the work and good wishes for its success!

Kind regards


Audrey Meenan, Acquisitions Librarian

Systems & Central Services Division

The Library (DILS)

The Natural History Museum

Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD, England



From Spain:


12 December 2001


Dear Dr. Fet:

I have visited the page web of Euscorpius and it seems very interesting. Happy for the initiative. 
I have sent copy from your message to the List of distribution of messages in Spanish ARACNOLOGIA to inform the colleagues interested in the scorpions. Equally I will introduce an informative note in the next issue of the Revista Ibérica de Aracnología (Iberian Reviw of Aracnology) planned for January 2002. 
A very cordial greeting and, again, my sincere congratulations.


Antonio Melic

Grupo Ibérico de Aracnología

Barcelona, Spain




From Austria:


12 December 2001


Dear Victor,

a very interesting step towards a digital form of publication – a big step for mankind ....


Dr. Christian Komposch

Oekoteam - Institut fuer Faunistik und Tieroekologie

Bergmanngasse 22

A - 8010 Graz, Austria



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