Please submit your Strange Scorpion for this collection, and tell us where you found it!



Locality: National Zoo,

Washington, DC, USA

Note loss of segmentation.


Locality: Las Vegas International Airport 

Note Dr. Doug Gaffin, the famous sensory biologist, as a co-factor (?)









Locality:  Ajo, Arizona, USA;  Author: Hop

An example of tesselations (tiles that cover the plane without gaps or overlap).

Note an additional leg pair and loss of segmentation.


Below: probably the largest known species, clearly a buthid!










Locality: Catacombs of Death

Authors: North Canton Middle School

An interesting rendering of  front edge modifications; note complete retention of all leg pairs and metasomal segments


Locality: The Black Pages

Note reduction of one leg pair; an additional metasomal segment;

and thin needle-like modification of fingers. 



Note reduction of one leg pair and complete loss of segmentation 



Scorpion lolly


this vodka-flavored buthid lollipop is served in England, for more detail see



Note an interesting fusion of three pairs of legs (one is lost), which seem to be attached to mesosoma; eyes migrated to front edge of carapace



Submitted by Sara Tallarovic; note cheliceral modification




Locality: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

49" long x 18" high x 24" wide
Painted Steel: $249.00

Note pedipalp and metasoma modification.









                            Wood carving (netsuke), real cute on a leaf. Found on Ebay, as well as all which follow below.




     Another cute one. Reduction or (first?) par of legs, fusion of pedipalp segments, eyes clearly exagerrated.




Fusion of carapace and tergites,                Finally, SIX metasomal segments.                           a JADE scorpion

a long-awaited trend.




                                                                                                                                       Egyptian scorpion goddess, Serket






                                                            a ring                                                            a TOE ring




                                                                                                                                                    A block print by John Bellini

Navajo pin. In fact, this probably is a vinegaroon...




Fusion: a nice "lizorpion"






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