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  • Maximal and minimal solutions of nonlinear Nabla dynamic equations, Proceedings of the WSEAS International Conference on APPLIED MATHEMATICS, (with Clayton T. Brooks) (referred journal), August (2004).

  • A study of eigenvalues of an impulsive differential equation (with D. Reid), PanAmerican Mathematical Journal, 4 Volume 14 pp. 1-10.

  • Stability and convergence of stochastic approximation procedures under Markovian perturbations, (with G. S. Ladde) Differential equations and Dynamical Systems (Editor: D. Bahuguna), Narosa Publishing House, New Delhi, (2004), pp. 24-48. (This is a book chapter.)

  • Solutions of the generalized Verhulst equation and other related dynamic equations, WSEAS Transactions on Mathematics, 4 Volume 2 p. 269-274 (2003).

  • On joint probability density functions of discrete time iterative processes (with G. Ladde) Mathematics and Computers in Simulation , 63, Issue 6, (2003) pp. 629-650.

  • A quasilinearization technique for first order nonlinear problems on time scales, (with B. Kaymakcalan), Dynamic Eqautions and Applications 11 (2002) pp. 191-200.

  • Coupled solutions and monotone iterative techniques for some nonlinear initial value problems on time scales, (with B. Kaymakcalan) Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications, 4 (2003) pp. 245-259.

  • Comparison of eigenvalues for Strum-Liouville boundary value problems on a measure chain (with D. Reid), Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 45 (2003) pp.1319-1326.

  • A variety of differentiability results for a multi-point boundary value problem, Special Issue of the Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics · Dynamic Equations on Time Scales, 141/1-2, pp.237-248, (2002).

  • Smooth solutions of dynamic systems on boundary matrices, Proceedings of Dynamic Systems & Applications, Volume III, 2001, p. 367-374.

  • Linearized problems and continuous dependence for finite difference equations, (with J. Ehme), Pan American Mathematical Journal, 2000, vol.10, no. 2,13-24.

  • Smooth dependence on boundary matrices of first order differential equations, (with A. Datta), Pan American Mathematical Journal, 1998, vol.8, no. 4, 59-66.

  • Smooth dependence on boundary matrices, (with Johnny Henderson), Journal of Difference Equations and Applications, 1996,vol. 2, pp.161-166.

  • Stability and convergence of large-scale stochastic approximation procedures (with G.S. Ladde), International Journal of Systems Science, 1995, vol. 26, no. 3, 598-618.

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