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US AFOSR Space Propulsion and Power Research Activity-Overview

Professor Thomas E Wilson        

Office: Science 153

Laboratory: Terahertz Laser and Phonon Spectroscopy Laboratory - Science 154

Telephone: 304.696.2752



Thomas E Wilson is a tenured Full Professor of Physics and Physical Sciences at Marshall University. He maintains a rigorous level of research activity in both condensed-matter and laser physics. He conducts both pure and applied research in coherent terahertz acoustic wave generation and phonon scattering. He currently is funded by both NASA and AFOSR to develop the use of THz acoustic phonon scattering as a novel diagnostic for rocket chamber wall erosion in ion-propelled spacecraft. Here is a link to a recent paper "Laser Ultrasonic Generation" given at LaserUltrasonics 2010 in Bordeaux, France. He enjoys teaching and has developed quite a number of demonstrations suitable for PHY201-203 and PHY211-213, many of which were inspired by the master, Professor Walter E. Lewin of MIT. He also has taught most of the core courses required for the physics major, PHY330 (and PHY630) Classical Dynamics, PHY308 (and PHY608) Statistical Thermodynamics, PHY445 Mathematical Methods of Physics, PHY442 Quantum Mechanics, and PHY280 - Introduction to LabView.

He has received the Marshall University Senior Science/Technology Recipient of Distinguished Artists & Scholars Award in 2010-2011, the MU Charles E. Hedrick Outstanding Faculty Award in 2002-2003 for outstanding teaching and research, and a Max Planck Institute Research Fellowship during a sabbatical year at the High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Grenoble, France during 2001-2002. During his career, he has received more than two million dollars in federally-funded research awards as sole Principal Investigator, including one from the Department of Energy Space Defense Initiative ("Star Wars"), two each from the US Army Research Office and NSF, and his current NASA EPSCoR and AFOSR awards. He has published in many physics journals, including - Chinese Journal of Physics, Journal of Physics: Conference Series, Measurement Science and Technology, Journal of Low Temperature Physics, Physical Review B, Applied Physics Letters, Solid State Communications, Journal of the Optical Society of America B, and the International Journal of Infrared and Millimeter Waves among others, and in a collaboration with the American Foundation for the Blind TECH, the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology. He has held positions as a Senior Laser Scientist in the Submillimeter Technology Laboratory of the University of Lowell, an Assistant Professor of Physics at Connecticut College, a Senior Process Engineer for Intel Corporation, and a Marketing Physicist for Varian Medical Group.

Dr. Wilson is married to an amazing woman and has two equally amazing adult children. In his spare time, he enjoys tennis, and in the summers, relaxing in the outdoor cafes of Paris and Grenoble.



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