INTERESTING MEETINGS: (arachnological meetings are highlighted):


 June 23-28, 2013: 19th International Congress of Arachnology, Taiwan:


The First Regional Congress of Venomous Animals & Toxins (IRAN)

2013:  37th Annual Meeting of the American Arachnological Society (AAS)  

East Tennessse State University,

 Johnson City, TN

FUTURE  Annual Meetings of the American Arachnological Society:




27th European Congress of Arachnology
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2-7 September 2012

Book of abstracts

To be published in the Arachnologische Mitteilungen



26th European Congress of Arachnology
Sede Boqer, Israel, 4-9 September 2011


Book of abstracts   |   Congress photo

Lubin Y, Gavish-Regev E, Blick T & Finch O-D (2012) European Arachnology 2011. Proceedings of the 26th European Congress of Arachnology, Sede Boqer, 4–8 September 2011 – Arachnologische Mitteilungen, vol 43.

Table of Contents

2009: 25th ECA

25th EUROPEAN CONGRESS OF ARACHNOLOGY, 16-21 August 2009, Alexandroupolis, GREECE,

24th: Bern 2008:
23th: Barcelona 2006:
22th: Blagoevgrad 2005:
21th: St. Petersburg 2003:
19th: Aarhus 2000:


36th Annual Meeting of the American Arachnological Society (AAS) 2012  -- University of Wisconsin at Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA  

35th Annual Meeting of the American Arachnological Society (AAS), 2011 -- Portland, Oregon, USA  

34th Annual Meeting of the American Arachnological Society (AAS), June 11-15, 2010 Greenville, North Carolina, East Carolina University

18th International Congress of Arachnology, Siełdce, Poland, July 11-17, 2010

33th Annual Meeting of the American Arachnological Society (AAS), June 25-July 1, 2009, Arkansas Tech, Russellville, Arkansas, USA  

32th Annual Meeting of the American Arachnological Society (AAS), 25-30 June 2008, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA

The First International Congress on Invertebrate Morphology,  17-21 August 2008, Kopenhagen, Denmark:

The 19th International Symposium of Subterranean Biology: 21-26 September 2008, Fremantle, Western Australia



Important Links:



The Scorpion Files by Jan Ove Rein (Trondheim, Norway) (contain the complete list of scorpion taxa)

The Scorpion Fauna by Eric Ythier (many useful things and pictures + Bibliography of Scorpions by Gerard Dupré)

Iranian scorpions by Shakhrokh Navidpour:

ARACHNODATA by Matt E. Braunwalder (Zurich, Switzerland)  

Kari's Scorpion Pages by Kari McWest (Texas, USA)

Singapore Scorpion Page by Chua Kian Wee

Yahoo Scorpionfans [former Scorpion-enthusiasts] Online Forum

Scorpions from the Chihuahuan Desert Region of Mexico and the United States by Chad Lee (Texas, USA)

Scorpions of southern Africa by Jonathan Leeming

GenBank Database (type in a Latin name and find update on any species' genes and proteins)

Scorpion Toxin Database (Singapore) (search for known toxins)

AMNH Scorpion Systematics Research Group

Intro Arachnid Online Classes - NEW!





Scorpiologists' Gallery  - PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR PHOTOS !!!


Scorpiologists' Personal Web Pages:  Luis Acosta, Matt Braunwalder, Jason Dunlop, Roger Farley, Victor Fet, Gerta Fleissner, Gunther Fleissner, Eduardo Florez, Dan Formanowicz, Doug Gaffin, Alexander Gromov, Neil Hadley, Brent Hendrixson, Richard Henson, Dietmar Huber, Frantisek Kovarik, Chad Lee, Camilo Mattoni, Kari McWest, Mark Newton, José Ochoa, Alfredo Peretti, Pascal Riewe, Warren Savary, Paul Selden, W. David Sissom, Scott Stockwell, Sara Tallarovic,  Eric Ythier

Scorpion Toxin Researchers: Michael Gurevitz, Bruce Hammock, Rama Krischna, Marcel Pelhate, Lourival Possani, Carlos Sevcik


Scorpiologists' Memorial Gallery


Fauna Helvetica 13. Scorpiones (Arachnida). By Matt E. Braunwalder (2005). Centre suisse de cartographie de la Faune/Schweizerische Entomologische Gesellschaft, 240 pp (in German and Italian !) [systematics chapter by V. Fet & M. E. Braunwalder] Order form

Scorpions of Brazil by Wilson R. Lourenço (2002), Les Éditions de l'If , 308 pp. Price 45 Euros plus shipping cost; Download Flier

Scorpions 2001. In Memoriam Gary A. Polis  (V. Fet & P.A. Selden, eds) (2001)

Scorpion Biology and Research (P.H. Brownell & G.A. Polis, eds.) (2001); table of contents

Catalog of the Scorpions of the World (1758-1998) by V. Fet, W.D. Sissom, G. Lowe & M.E. Braunwalder (2000)

The Biology of Scorpions (G.A. Polis, ed.) (1990)

Scorpion Man by L. Pringle & G.A. Polis (1994) -- the life of Gary A. Polis

Scorpions: Everything About Purchase, Care, Feeding, and Housing by Manny Rubio (2000)

The Most Important Books on Scorpions

More Books on Scorpions

International Code of Zoological Nomenclature

Journals (arachnological journals are highlighted):

Bulletin of the British Arachnological Society; Journal of Arachnology; American Arachnology; Revista Iberica de Aracnologia; Euscorpius; Serket; The American Naturalist; Cladistics; Discover; Evolution; Israel Journal of Zoology; Journal of Venomous Animals and Toxins (Brazil);  Nature; Nature Conservancy; Organisms, Diversity & Evolution; Revue Suisse de Zoologie; Science; Scientific American; Systematic Biology; Toxicon

Societies (arachnological societies are highlighted):

International Society of Arachnology (ISA, formerly CIDA)

American Arachnological Society (AAS)

European Society of Arachnology (ESA)

British Arachnological Society (BAS); Arachnologische Gesellschaft (AraGes); Société Européenne d'Arachnologie (S. E. A.); Le Groupe d'Etude des Arachnides (G.E.A.); Arachnological Society of Japan; American Society of Naturalists; WWW Directory of Entomological Societies; International Society on Toxinology; Society of Systematic Biologists; Society for the Study of Evolution; Society for Integrated and Comparative Biology



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