Geology 110 : General Geology

Geol 421: Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology


Photomicrographs of rocks and minerals

Field Photos

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Field Images

This page has some interesting images from a few outcrops/ field trips. 

Although designed primarily for students enrolled in Geology 110, some 

of the pictures are of general interest. The pictures are grouped by topic.

Igneous Structures

Columnar basalts Pahoe hoe & aa 
Columnar basalt (2) Pahoe hoe & aa (2)
Pillow basalt Cinder cone
Pillow basalt (2) Cinder cone (2)
Lava Tube Spatter cone
Pahoe hoe Spatter cone (2)
Pahoe hoe (2)  

Hot springs, geysers, fumaroles, ... etc.

Hot Spring Siliceous sinter
Geyser Travertine
Geyser (2) Travertine (2)
Mud volcano  


Last updated: June, 2002