Geology 110 : General Geology

Geol 421: Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology


Photomicrographs of rocks and minerals

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This class is designed primarily to train students on the identification of minerals in hand specimen and thin section. For the latter, the link: "Photomicrographs of rocks and minerals" will be quite useful. There are also some excellent web pages for Mineralogy in general provided under "useful links for mineralogy".

Course Outline & Syllabus

Lecture notes

Introduction Optics of Biaxial Minerals
Atomic Structure Tectosilicates: Silica minerals & Feldspars
 Bonding Nesosilicates
Physical Properties of Minerals Inosilicates: Pyroxenes & Amphiboles
Crystallography I Phyllosilicates
Crystallography II: Crystal Classes Cyclosilicates
Principles of Crystal Chemistry Sorosilicates
Polymorphism & Polytypism Oxides, Sulfides & Sulfosalts
Isomorphism/ Mineral formulae/ Graphical representation of mineral compositions X-ray diffraction techniques
Crystallization, Reactions, & Defects Gems
Optical Mineralogy: Introduction Environmental Mineralogy
Optics of Uniaxial Minerals  


Lab 1: Sulfides, Arsenides, Tungstates, Lab 8: Conoscopic identification
Lab 2: Oxides, Carbonates, Sulfates, ... Lab 9: Orthorhombic minerals & carbonates
Lab 3: Rock forming silicates (igneous) Lab 10: Silica minerals, feldspars & feldspathoids
Lab 4: Rock forming silicates (metamorphic & sedimentary) + Specific gravity Lab 11: Pyroxenes & Amphiboles
Labs 5 & 6: Crystallography Lab 12: Metamorphic Minerals
Lab 7: Isotropic & Uniaxial minerals Lab 13: Sheet silicates

Lab sheets

Hand specimen identification


Optical Identification

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