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Geol 421: Igneous & Metamorphic Petrology

Geol 425: Geochemistry

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Geology 421: Igneous & Metamorphic


Course Outline & Syllabus

Lecture notes

Introduction to Petrology Metamorphism: Introduction & Definitions 
Magmas & Lavas Types of metamorphism
Classification of Igneous Rocks Metamorphic Textures
Parental Magmas & Igneous Rock Series Isograds  and Metamorphic Facies
Phase Equilibria and Crystallization of magmas: Binary diagrams Equilibrium vs. non-equilibrium in metamorphic petrology;  The Phase rule applied to metamorphic systems
Ternary diagrams Compositional Phase Diagrams
Granites & Granitic rocks Metamorphic Reactions
Magmatic Differentiation Thermobarometry
The Skaergaard Intrusion P-T-time paths
Trace elements in Igneous Petrology Metamorphism & Tectonics
Plate Tectonic Setting of Igneous Rocks  


Lab 1: Optical Properties of common rock forming minerals Lab 7: Miscellaneous rocks (undersaturated)
Lab 2: Igneous Textures Lab 8: Semail Ophiolite
Lab 3: Ultramafic & Mafic plutonic rocks Lab 9: Metamorphic Textures
Lab 4: Dolerites & Basalts Lab 10: Low grade metabasalts
Lab 5: Andesites Lab 11: Metapelites: Barrovian & Buchan series
Lab 6: Acidic Volcanic & plutonic rocks Lab 12: High P/T rocks

  Sample Petrographic descriptions

Igneous rocks

Metamorphic rocks


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Field Trips

The following files represent exercises for student field trips that I led during my tenure at various institutes

Semail ophiolite, Oman

Bid Bid, Oman

Saih Hatat Oman

San Francois Mountains, Missouri

Blue Ridge, VA